Tricky Tray

What is the Tricky Tray?

A Tricky Tray is an event of chance. For those who attend, raffle tickets are purchased and placed in containers for the items they hope to win. One person can put as many tickets as they want in a
container for a specific basket/item to increase their odds of winning.

Any information on this years’ Tricky Tray?

Absolutely! This year’s event will be held on Friday, April 27, 2018 at the Forest Hill Field Club in Bloomfield. We will have two levels of baskets (up to 200 baskets), up to 20 Grand Prizes, up to 5 Super Grand Prizes, a 50/50 Raffle, Door Prizes, and up to 2 other separate Raffles. It is a fun filled night with many laughs amongst parents, teachers, and friends!

The Tricky Tray fundraising event is our (Demarest) Home and School Association’s largest and most profitable fundraiser; therefore, we need everyone’s help to make it a big success!

Click here for Event Flyer

What do you do with the money?

100% of the proceeds go towards improvements for the Demarest community. Our mission is to establish and maintain a collaborative working relationship with the professional staff and administration of Demarest Elementary School for the explicit purpose of supplementing and enriching the educational, emotional, social, and learning experience of the students attending Demarest School. All proceeds of this event will go towards our annual contributions to the school such as library support, teachers’ wish list items, assembly and enrichment programs, basketball clinic (2nd-3rd) and league (4th-6th), reduced field trip costs, student birthday recognition, school beautification projects, summer arts workshop scholarships, special projects such as basketball rim and/or playground slide replacement, etc.

Where do you get the prizes?

Hundreds of letters are mailed to potential donors, follow up phone calls made & local businesses receive an in-person plea. Families donate money or item(s) towards Class Baskets, as well as, donate money or item(s) on behalf of their family or graduating sixth grader (Family Baskets). Some of our most popular prizes come from teachers.

How can I help?

  1. Goodie Bag Donation: Be a part of sending our supporters home with a goodie bag. Looking for filler items such as information, coupons, trial/travel size, smaller items.
  2. Volunteer! Email us and let us know you want to help.