Standing Committees

Box Tops for Education

Promote the collection of Box Tops by all students; collect and manage the box tops; track funds; execute contests within the school.

Committee Chairs: Daisy Medina and Chris Inca

Class Parent Coordinators

Ensure all classrooms have adequate class parent coverage; update emergency phone chain details for Demarest-specific emergencies; educate volunteers on school food safety rules and current approved foods list as provided by the school nurse as well as school policy regarding holiday parties.

Committee Chairs:  Dena Miller, LuAnn Mugnone and Raqia Randall-Bouchard


Plan, coordinate staff and implement activities and events to generate revenues for the HSA.

Committee Chairs:  Laura Clifford and Tricia Rowold


Coordinate and serve coffee and donated refreshments at monthly association meetings and at Back to School Night; host a luncheon and provide Teacher Appreciation acknowledgements.

Committee Chairs:  Lovlee Tang, Daisy Medina and Aislinn Cholet


Aid the faculty in staffing and operating the school library with volunteer parents.

Committee Chairs:  Anna Thorne and Chris Inca


Promote interest and membership in the association; establish and maintain membership database; collect dues and coordinate with treasurer and faculty for field trip fee breakdowns for each class.

Committee Chairs:  Aislinn Cholet and Tricia Rowold

Mini Fundraisers

Solicit, coordinate and promote monthly (or less) events at local businesses wherein the Demarest community shops on a specific day and the business donates a percentage of the Demarest purchases back to the HSA.

Committee Chair:  Tricia Rowold


Gather and publish notices and articles of interest to the administration, faculty, parents students and members of the community; solicit nominations to executive offices.

Committee Chair:  Amy Deputato

Nominations (Immediate, Past & Present)

Solicit candidates to executive offices and determine their eligibility; present nominations to the membership. Committee must be chaired by a past-president of the HSA.


Arrange, in coordination with the Principal, Guidance Counselor and other faculty, suitable educational assembly programs for the students of Demarest School.

Committee Chairs:  Dawn Pekar and Laura Alva-Freyer

 School Spirit

Organize and oversee the production and sale of assignment pads and folders, school logo apparel, and other items; coordinate with faculty regarding specific activity shirts.

Committee Chair:  Tylene Longyhore and Melissa Lopez

Special Services

Attend meetings of Bloomfield’s Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC) and report back to the association membership.

Committee Chair:  Nicole Dyer Foncello

 Website/Email/Social Media

Maintain and update the Demarest Home and School Association website, email database and social media presence.

Committee Chairs:  Dan Bouchard and Karen Lu

Special Committees

Basketball – 4th – 6th grades

Committee Chair:  Kevin Clifford

Basketball Clinic – 2nd & 3rd 6th grades

Recruit participants, coordinate volunteers, collect fees and plan curriculum to teach basketball skills to interested Demarest students in a non-competitive environment.

Committee Chair:  Amy Deputato

 Birthday Pencils

Committee Chair:  Lyn Goldsworthy

Book Fair

Coordinate with Scholastic Book Fairs and the administration to create a bookstore inside the school; promote the event to the school and community at large; execute contests and other promotions; recruit volunteers to staff the store in various capacities.

Committee Chairs:  Tricia Rowold and Luann Mugnone

Fall Social

Plan, promote and execute an all-grades party, including events and activities appropriate for different ages and developmental stages (DJ, craft area, costume contest, photo booth, others); recruit volunteers to staff a food station in addition to each other activity.

Committee Chair:  Tylene Longyhore and Tracy Pityinger

Holiday Shoppe

Plan inventory of small gifts for students to buy for their families in time for the winter break; help students shop.

Committee Chair:  Donelle Bellott

Kindergarten Playdate

Welcome incoming kindergarten students and families before the start of the school year; promote membership in the HSA; introduce the Demarest community and give advice.

Committee Chairs:  Amy Deputato and RaQia Randall-Bouchard

Movie Night

Plan and execute screen rental, ticket sales and/or promotion (in the event of a free event), and concessions for a spring showing of a family-friendly movie on the school blacktop.

Plant Sale

Plan inventory of flowers, plants and other small gifts for students to buy for their parents in time for Mothers Day and Fathers Day; help students shop.

Committee Chair:  Nicole Dyer-Foncello


Coordinate a reading fundraiser in which students acquire sponsors; create tracking forms; distribute prizes and awards.

Committee Chair:  Sarah Johnson


Identify and encourage former Demarest students currently graduating from Bloomfield High School with scholarship funds for their college career.

Committee Chair:  Nina Davis

School Beautification

Plan, staff, and execute events and projects to enhance the school’s physical environment (gardening, painting, furnishing, etc.).

Committee Chair:  Nicole Dyer-Foncello

Tricky Tray

Plan and execute contracts, meal planning, shopping, donations, volunteers, ticket sales, promotion and other details for silent auction event.

Committee Chairs:  Laura Clifford, Tracy Pityinger and Tricia Rowold

Sixth Grade Committees

Plan and execute graduation events and gifts for 6th graders moving up to Bloomfield Middle School; including fundraising, budgeting, procurement and staffing.


Committee Chairs:  Gina Roman, Tricia Rowold and Nancy Lynch

Breakfast & Dance

Committee Chairs:  Gina Roman and Sandy Sarapoulos


Committee Chairs:  Tricia Rowold and Nicole Crowther


Committee Chairs: Laura Alva Fryer and Nancy Lynch

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